Hello world! (Or, hi mom!)

December 28, 2007

One time, I thought I was maybe cool enough to have a blog. “You have lots of stuff in your head that can be kind of funny occasionally,” I thought. Or at least my mom thinks so. I mean, when I have a rough day, where I feel awkward and socially inept, who do I call? My mom. Who do I call after I Cliff Claven (1) all over the boy that tries to talk to me about the book I am reading at the coffee shop? My mom. Who do I want to share the goofy thing I did to the cat in the driveway (2)? My mom. At least she makes me feel like I am smart and funny. I mean, let’s be honest. She is probably the only one that is going to read this anyway. Thanks for laughing with me mom.

XO, me


(1) To Cliff Claven all over someone means to be so shocked that the attractive person talking to you is actually talking TO YOU, that you can’t get intelligent, clever, or possibly any words out. It might sound something like, “Uh, a, yeah, um, uh huh.”

(2) It is kind of lame when you point your blue cane at the jerk of a cat lounging about in the driveway and say “Byoom, byoom!” at it when you are alone.

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