Love it or hate it.

December 29, 2007

The ever-changing list of favorite tunes. Love it or hate it, here it is.

William Fitzsimmons: Funeral Dress, When You Were Young (1)

Seabear: Cat Piano

Alexi Murdoch: Love You More, Orange Sky

Jose Gonzalez: Heartbeats, Crosses

Cary Brothers: Ride (2)

Jay Nash: Falling Down

Greg Laswell: Sing, Theresa Says (3)

Joshua Radin: The whole We Were Here album—I could listen to this non-stop. Favorite song: Today.

Iron and Wine: Carousel

Matt Nathanson: Still. And, I do also like the song Come on Get Higher, which is allegedly about eating ice cream. For shizzle…can I pull off saying that? Probably not because I think the correct term is fo’ shizzle.

Landon Pigg: Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop (4)

My mix probably sounds a little Zach Braff-ian, but I swear I was not influenced by his top friends list on Myspace at all. We just happen to share similar music taste, amongst (I am sure) many other things. I do have a crush on him, if that isn’t apparent. But, I am confident that it could never work out between us because well, we all know Jesus is my homeboy. Fo’ shizzle.

XO, me

(1) I am confused as to why Fitzsimmons is not better known. I think that his music is amazing.

(2) Did you know that it is only one guy that is Cary Brothers? I feel misled because of this name and for so long thinking it was two brothers, like THE Cary Brothers. I finally found out that Brothers is Cary’s last name. That seems like trivia-worthy information.

(3) He’s rumored to have dated Mandy Moore.

(4) I know this probably means that I have sold out by liking a song that is part of, quite possibly, the cutest commercial I have ever seen. This song could make a girl sell her sewing machine for the chance to be the woman that is so sweetly handed that ugly diamond pendant during the car ride. Swoon.

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