February 22, 2008

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. -Marianne Williamson

Here is the list of things that are making me smile.

-Blooming flowers.
-Open eyes.
-Brand-new socks.
-Laughing when I am praying.
-Peet’s Columbian Coffee with vanilla caramel coffee creamer in a big mug.
-New adventures.
-When the sun shines through the window onto the spot where I am sitting.
-Dear friends.
-Sweatpants after school.
Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin.
Eyes by Rogue Wave.
-My snuggly, green fleece blanket.
-Nice cashiers at Target.
Dresses with pockets.

Happy Friday to you!
XO, me



February 18, 2008

I think I have found an awkward friend in the writer of the blog, Awkward Things I Say to Girls.  It is a good one to read when I have one of those days where I am trying my best to be put together, but everything I do feels and sounds so ridiculously ridiculous that I want to go back to bed and start all over again.  Really, I think he and I might be kindred spirits, although he is a way better writer than myself.  I also think I could have enough material to start my own blog that is Awkward Things I Say To Everyone (Especially Boys), But Also Including Animals (1), Automobiles (2), and Coffee Pots (3).   Thanks Emily for passing this one on!

XO, me


(1) With the exception of cats.  And reptiles.  And amphibians.  And anything slimy.

(2) I used to talk to my little red car and would give it love taps when it was having a rough time.  It usually sounded like, “Ok, little guy, let’s go…”  Weird-o.

(3) Mr. Coffee and I broke up last week, as we had been having a rough go for awhile and couldn’t work it out.  My new, red Mr. Kitchenaid is so much better looking, reliable, and intelligent.

Happy day

February 14, 2008

Image courtesy of In Craft We Trust
I truly hope you have a good one.
XO, me

This is kind of lame, and I am a little embarrassed to even let you know that I did this, but not so ashamed that I will leave you hanging. Today I took a test that told me who my TV boyfriend would be. I know, I know, so grown up (1). Well, ladies and gentlemen, the results are in, and I am happy to say that the adorable Jim Halpert is my one, true TV love. Can you hear the bells ringing? Yeah, yeah, I am not really thinking that I am going to marry a purely fictional character, but maybe John would want to marry me. I am sure he is Jim times seven.


XO, me

(1) I am even more embarrassed to tell you that not too long ago I took a quiz that gave me my Guy IQ. Well, I will just say that the quiz put me in the “not-so guy smart” category. Is there a way I can get a tutor to help me and my apparent lack of knowledge?

I heart Rogue Wave

February 7, 2008

So this is my new favorite band. Going to see them Sunday. Very exciting.

Love these cute boys and their converse shoes.

And these P-town guys that play a piano flute and shake a jar of change. They put on a great show.

Off to make a cup of tea.

XO, me

Just funny

February 4, 2008

Shivering.  Tired.  Messy.  Giggling.

Doesn’t life just crack you up?

Happy Monday!

XO, me