The sort of embarrassing truth

February 13, 2008

This is kind of lame, and I am a little embarrassed to even let you know that I did this, but not so ashamed that I will leave you hanging. Today I took a test that told me who my TV boyfriend would be. I know, I know, so grown up (1). Well, ladies and gentlemen, the results are in, and I am happy to say that the adorable Jim Halpert is my one, true TV love. Can you hear the bells ringing? Yeah, yeah, I am not really thinking that I am going to marry a purely fictional character, but maybe John would want to marry me. I am sure he is Jim times seven.


XO, me

(1) I am even more embarrassed to tell you that not too long ago I took a quiz that gave me my Guy IQ. Well, I will just say that the quiz put me in the “not-so guy smart” category. Is there a way I can get a tutor to help me and my apparent lack of knowledge?

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