February 18, 2008

I think I have found an awkward friend in the writer of the blog, Awkward Things I Say to Girls.  It is a good one to read when I have one of those days where I am trying my best to be put together, but everything I do feels and sounds so ridiculously ridiculous that I want to go back to bed and start all over again.  Really, I think he and I might be kindred spirits, although he is a way better writer than myself.  I also think I could have enough material to start my own blog that is Awkward Things I Say To Everyone (Especially Boys), But Also Including Animals (1), Automobiles (2), and Coffee Pots (3).   Thanks Emily for passing this one on!

XO, me


(1) With the exception of cats.  And reptiles.  And amphibians.  And anything slimy.

(2) I used to talk to my little red car and would give it love taps when it was having a rough time.  It usually sounded like, “Ok, little guy, let’s go…”  Weird-o.

(3) Mr. Coffee and I broke up last week, as we had been having a rough go for awhile and couldn’t work it out.  My new, red Mr. Kitchenaid is so much better looking, reliable, and intelligent.

2 Responses to “Awkward”

  1. Mom said

    Well, you’re not going to like this, but I sent an email to Mr. Awkward Things I Say to Girls asking him to check out your blog. You know, that kindred spirit thing.

    I still think you are funny and clever.

    Love you lotsa.

    Dad has good news. But you didn’t hear it from me. Call him when you have a minute or two.

  2. me said

    Um, thank you for egging along the awkwardness, Mom.

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