Edit Undo Story #1

March 1, 2008

Edit undo
[Ed-it un-doo]
1. A computer command that will negate the last command done to the file being edited.
2. Gillian-speak for “I completely and entirely regret what I just did.”

Edit Undo S
tory #1:
There was the time where I went through a phase where I was winking all the time at my students to let them know I was paying attention to them (1). The winking infiltrated into other areas of my life, and I would accidentally wink at the cashier at Trader Joe’s or the barista at Starbucks. Not that bad. Those guys are kind of cute. I realized that this habit needed to come to an end one Sunday when I went up for communion and totally winked at the pastor giving communion (2). Edit undo. Edit undo. Edit undo (3).


XO, me


1) Kindergartners try to wink back, which is hilarious because they end up scrunching their little faces up and squinting or closing both eyes. But they think they are super-cool, and if I am instilling super-coolness into their lives, I am doing my job and doing it well.

2) I don’t know how that even happened. It was not premeditated AT ALL. Edit undo.

3) I think the winking is starting up again, but this round I am going to do my best to keep it under control.

One Response to “Edit Undo Story #1”

  1. Miss Em said

    hah hah hah!!! I can totally picture it. Well at the end of the day, Pastors are people too!
    ok, that made me chuckle and I REALLY needed a chuckle right now.

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