May 23, 2008

This would be my perfect day (1).

-Sleep well and wake up without an alarm.
-Have coffee in the sunshine (2).
-Eat breakfast out somewhere delicious.
-Do the farmer’s market.
-Go on a good hike or adventure outside.
-Have a picnic at a pretty place.
-Sit and read and rest in the sun.
-Take a long shower and get cute (3).
-Out to dinner somewhere fun (4).
-See a show at the Doug Fir (5).
-Fall asleep in nice PJs with the window open.

XO, me

1)    It would be 80 and sunny, with a terribly blue sky.
2)    Out in the back yard with the newspaper.
3)    In an outfit from here.
4)    And have good drinks and carrot cake for dessert.
5)    To see someone like Joshua Radin or Alexi Murdoch or Fink.

One Response to “Perfect.”

  1. Mom said

    Excuse me? There is nothing in your perfect day about spending time laughing with your Mom! Just kiddin’. This does sound like your perfect day. I hope you have one very soon.

    Love ya lotsa,

    Momma Mia

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