Good ol’ Craigslist.

August 4, 2008

This is the reason craigslist is pretty much the best:

Aug 3 – Wedding dress-white with beading and pearls –

I have a wedding dress to give away.  It is white, has long sleeves, with beading and pearls throughout.  It has a long train. I t is a size 3 or 5.  I couldn’t find a tag. It has a few dirty spots on the train but they should come out at the dry cleaners.  I had it in a rubbermaid box for 10 years and it was hanging up for a couple of years before that.  It was hanging on foam lined hangers and the foam is starting to come off and pieces of foam are on the dress.  The top part of the dress looks like it is dirty but it is foam that stuck there.  Everything should be fine with a trip to the dry cleaners.  It is a beautiful dress and since I don’t need it anymore, I would like it to go to somebody that does.  I would like it gone today, if possible.

Good luck with that.

I envision this dress to look something like this or possibly this.  Add a little dirt to the train and put hanger foam on the top and the likeness would be remarkable, I’m sure.

XO, me

One Response to “Good ol’ Craigslist.”

  1. Mom said

    I like the first one. It would look great on you Gege. TeeHee


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