Lost in translation.

November 8, 2008

I know that online translation sites are not particularly reliable.  But, I didn’t know to what extent until today.

喂特殊材料制造的人! 受欢迎的家!

Feeds the exotic material manufacture human! Family who welcome!

Ok-so not even close to what I want it to say at all.

喂逗人喜爱的男孩。 欢迎!

Feeds boy who teases to like. Welcome!

Huh?  Ok.  Let’s try again.

我错过了您褴褛的面孔。 高兴的 再后面。

I have missed your ragged face. Happy again behind.

What?  Well that is closer than the others, but still…

你好英俊! 高兴您是家!

You are quite handsome!  Happy you are the family.

So a little closer I guess, but still not quite it.  One last try.

欢迎! 我是高兴的您回来。 我喜欢您。

Close enough. 😉

XO, me

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