85 and sunny.

April 7, 2008

Back from the beach.

Angie and me

A little bit tan.

Bridget and me

A little more relaxed.

A little bit wishing that I had a hammock to sit in.

xo, me


Giant step

January 15, 2008

Today I took a giant step in my life.  Before I explain why this is, I should give a little background.  You may or may not know that I am not exactly what you call an animal person.  In theory, being a pet owner sounds like a good idea.  Dogs can be cute and good companions and possibly a little fun sometimes.  It is not that I think that they are gross or ugly or ridden with disease.  It is just that I don’t really care to touch them, or play with them, or let them sit on me.  I try, kind of.  I am just a little nervous around them, and that nervousness is only magnified when they want to be in my personal space.  I think that might be the root of this issue.  They can be a little unpredictable, and I like to be in charge of the space around me (1).

With that being said, I think I turned a new leaf today.  Nice Neighbors across the street asked me to feed and let their dogs out while they went to the mountain for the night.  Well, I couldn’t actually respond to that request with, “Well, I would love to, and of course I will be around, but actually I am deathly afraid of being around animals alone, and I don’t exactly like to touch them, and I don’t really know how to appropriately interact with them.  Oh, and what do I do if they jump on me or bite me when they have no idea why I am entering into your house without you there?”  That would be a little rude, right?  So my response was more like, “Oh, sure.  Not a problem.  Just let me know what to do.”  Well, last night I was fully prepared with notes in hand, and I talked my roommate into going over with me because if I was one of those dogs I would freak out if strangers entered my place in the dark of the night.  That, and I am afraid of being alone around animals.  So, I was at the door, jiggling it to unlock, and holy crap!  Enter crazy dog, all barking and growly!  I cowered back because I am not really in any condition to get bitten by this dog and his scary, gnashing teeth, and I totally let my roommate take charge.  My really nice roommate that probably doesn’t understand my fear let the dogs out and back in, and I scooted out very sneaking so that crazy dog wouldn’t decide that he might still want a bite of me.

Now, I knew that I was responsible for these pups and needed to let them out the next morning.  And, I would have to do that by myself.  I was so nervous.  My dreams were filled with misbehaving dogs and googly-eyed cats, and I tossed and turned through the night, each time waking up thinking, “You have to deal with those dogs tomorrow ALONE.”  Well, I woke up at 7:24 and put on my same clothes from the evening before (so they would recognize my smell from yesterday, of course.)  Well, guess who channeled her inner Cesar Millan?  Pretty much me.  I got to the door, and the dogs were all barking again.  I held out my hand (with a mitten on for protection, of course) and said, “NO!” as sternly as I could.  Guess what happened to growly, crazy dog?  He totally laid down on the ground.  From that moment on we were friends.  I let them out, and accidentally let the cats in (2).  I even pet them for a few seconds (the dogs, not the cats), without my mitten.  So friends, I just might have turned a new leaf.  Maybe one time I will become an animal person.  Maybe.

XO, me

(1)    Just ask my dachshund-owning friends about the time that Frank (the mini dachshund) jumped on me when I was stuck in bed.  Or the time that I couldn’t/refused/was freaked by the idea of picking up Beanie (the even mini-er dachshund).  Or the numerous times where I talk to those darling dogs and tell them they can be my friend from ‘over there.’

(2)    I will never pick up a cat.  Not going to happen.  And, I am allergic.  Really.